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With the quarantine for the corona virus there are still many children on the streets even in the lockdown (no movement) we were contacted by CPS to help get some of them off of the streets and into quarantine, we said we would help. We had to meet with the police/military to get approval, usually it takes months to get things approved here. We received permission and rented a house and now we have 17 children quarantined there. We are praying that they will want to stay even after the quarantine is over. And we want to thank everyone who has come along side of us to help us get this place going. Thank you God for making a way where there is no way, to God be the Glory!

The Ministry of Health is helping us to make sure none of them have the virus and they are doing bloodwork to see if there are any other issues. 

We are so very grateful for everything that is happening, we are taking lemons and making lemonade. HalleluYAH!!!

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