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We started a big project during the Covid Lockdown, Zion Christian Nursery and Primary School, we started building the first building on HalleluYAH Mountain right next to the Children's home. We are now using that building as a conference/meeting hall and for church meetings on Sundays.
Then a family that owned a school at the bottom of the mountain were selling the one in the pictures and really, we had no funds but when you have the LORD, HE makes the impossible possible. Long story short many people came along side of us while we were stuck in the US for medical reasons and the LORD made it possible for us to not only purchase the school but also to make the buildings structurally sound. 

We currently have 111 of our children from LACFA and approximately 126 from Kigato Village and the surrounding area. We really need sponsors for all of our children, please prayerfully consider sowing into the lives and futures of our children from LACFA.
There are many building projects that need to be done, all in the Lord's timing. 

We Walk by Faith not by Sight!!!
Big HalleluYAH!!!

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