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Sponsor A Child



Praise GOD! HE is the one that makes all things possible. We have approximately 160+ children. We have 111 of them going to Zion Christian Nursery and Primary School. and we have about 60 sponsored children. There are always needs, we need all of our children to be sponsored. Please help us to help these children become the men and women GOD intends for them to be. Through Jesus Christ all things are possible, let's all be His hands and feet. We are all working for His Kingdom to come His will to be done on earth as it is in Heaven. Please click the sponsor button and see our children that need sponsors. God Bless us all!!!




We also have oppertunities for short and long term volunteers. We do require everyone to submit an application for short and long term volunteer oppertunities. And we also would like people that are interested in long term to at least come for a few weeks to see if a long term stay would be to everyones mutual benefit. If you are interested send us an email.

As children grow into young men and young ladies they need training in Vocational Technical School. One of our goals for all of the children is that they become self dependent, education and work play a major part in all of our lives. The fees for for the Secondary and Vocational schools cost more. Please contact us if you would like to help with these fees.



We also have several projects that are on going, if the Lord places it upon your heart you can make a one time donation to any of them. Anything and everything is greatly appreciated.



Sponsor A Child
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