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Primary School 

We have Zion Christian Nursery and Primary School for our children at LACFA and for the children in the surrounding village area. It is a work in progress we have thirteen accredited teachers and a good team of people on the ground. We are still at work building more buildings that are needed. If it is on your heart, please sow into this project ZION CHRISTIAN NURSERY AND PRIMARY SCHOOL. Right now, we have 118 from LACFA and another 137 from the surrounding area. It is an adventure in a third world country, it is hard for families that are struggling to send their children to school, (We walk by Faith not by Sight) someday I truly believe that as we continue to work on our infrastructure that One day it will help us to generate revenue for LACFA. We just have to keep high standards. 


A Dorm & Boarding Section

We really need another dormitory building on HalleluYAH Mountain at LACFA we have close to 170 children on the mountain. As we grow, we need more space for the children, the LORD continues to bring us His children. There are so many building projects that are needed, it is an ongoing work. We have to have the infrastructure; it takes time. And it just seems like so many things are needed. We are working towards being a self-sustaining organization. We have come so far in the last 10 years. To GOD be the Glory! Please prayerfully consider sowing into our building projects- Thank you all for prayerfully considering sowing into the work that we are doing. It is a generational work it will continue until HE comes again good Lord willing. 


Brick Making

The most expensive part of building is the cement, and after that it is bricks. We can pay up to 250UGX per brick if we have to purchase ready-made, if we make our own the price goes down to about 100UGX per brick. The brick making project is a continuing project that we started about four years age, as we continue to build, we will continue to make bricks. And sometimes we are able to sell some of our bricks, everything helps us to accomplish and complete the things that we are doing. Everything that we do is always with a focus on doing things better for the children that the LORD continues to bring us. To GOD be all of the Glory! 


Land Project

The LORD has Blessed us with 15.3 acres to grow more crops, raise cattle, chickens, and good Lord willing to start Biblically Principled businesses in the future. We are so very thankful for all of the lands that the Lord blesses us with for LACFA. Thank you everyone that has and continues to sow into LACFA through prayers and financially. To GOD be the Glory!!!


Maize Mill 

Praying that this comes to pass sooner rather than later, there is definitely a need for a maize mill for our corn. If you are led to please sow into this dream. HalleluYAH!!! Thank you for your prayers and supporting the children at Love And Care For All!!! LACFA



We have many visions and dreams please help us to bring these things into reality, for our Lord's Kingdom, His Kingdom come, His will be done on earth  as it is in Heaven. Our moto is: We walk by faith not by sight.

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