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Primary School 

We are currently in  the planning stages of building a Primary School for our children at LACFA and for the children in the surrounding village area. For the same funds that we are spending on school fees and requirements we will be able to put more children in  school and pay the overhead. We will have the blueprints soon, If it is on your heart please sow into this project. The school will be named  ZION NURSERY AND PRIMARY SCHOOL.


Church Buildings

We are also wanting to build a more permanent structure for the church and office structures in the future, please if the Lord places it upon your heart you can sow into this long term project. Everything and anything will help us to develop HalleluYAH Mountain.


Brick Making

The most expensive part of building is the cement, and after that it is bricks. We can pay up to 250UGX per brick if we have to purchase ready made, if we make our own the price goes down to about 100UGX per brick. We have already put the pipeline in from our well to the area we will be making bricks. To start we will be making 100,000 bricks for our own use. After we will probably be keeping the project for revenue generation. Please if you are so lead you can sow into this also, thank you!


Land Project

Land goes for about 12 millions UGX a little more than $3,000 USD an acre and we are also trying to aquire more land on HalleluYAH Mountain, we are believing that we will be able to build a strong community and build many more revenue generating projects, the LORD promised us that HE will Bless and Prosper the work of our hands as we follow Him. And we Believe!


Maize Mill 

This is a very long term goal... Thank you for your prayers and supporting the children at Love And Care For All!!! LACFA



We have many visions and dreams please help us to bring these things into reality, for our Lord's Kingdom, His Kingdom come, His will be done on earth  as it is in Heaven. Our moto is: We walk by faith not by sight.

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