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Our organization has been working with children from the streets of Uganda for many years, we have been a registered NGO with the Ugandan Government since 2017, In America most of the homeless are adults here in Uganda the homeless are children. There is so much poverty here life can be so very hard... We at Love And Care For All (Okwagala N'Okufaayao Family) we are a rehabilitation home for former street children, we work with them through counseling to get rid of some of the bad behaviors that they have picked up while living on the streets, doing anything to survive, It is a process, a lot of them have been hurt so bad emotionally and physically (tortured), burnt, beaten... We teach them about our Lord Jesus and just love them and we watch as they return back to normal happy children. Every child needs love, we offer them love and hope. We place them in school as our funds allow and when they are ready.  As they are with us for a while and start trusting us, we start learning their story and finding out about their families and their past. And then we start trying to find their families and we try to reunite with their families, it is all a process

We have some children that will be with us until they are able to be self supporting members of the community. Or until someone desires to foster them in their families, family is always better than an organization. Some of the children we have don't even remember where they came from we got them so young from the Police or Child Protective Services, most of them come directly from the streets. of Masaka. Sometimes they are from Rwanda, Tanzania, and all over Uganda. We work closely with the government.

Most of the children we have have been through things that we really cannot imagine children having to go through in the west. As they stay with us you can see the hurt, anger, and pain wash off of them and they become happy, healthy, smiling children. 

They have a Future and a Hope as they learn about Faith and the power of prayer.