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What Happens When You Sponsor A Child?

If you're thinking about sponsoring a child, you're doing a wonderful thing to help a child to have a better opportunity for an abundant life. When you sponsor a child, you're not just helping them financially. You're showing them that there are people who love and care for them all around the world, even if they aren't in the same place physically.

At Love And Care For All, we're here to provide former street children in Uganda with the love, support, care, and guidance that they need to get their lives back on track. Children in East Africa are routinely displaced and are often left to rely on their own survival skills. We work with the children we take in to help them understand the love that Christ has for them, no matter what has happened in their past. It's our goal to help children who have been given a terribly unfair hand in life a chance at having a better more abundant life.


When you sponsor a child, the funds are used to care for the children in our organization. Your generous donation provides food, care, clothing, education, and more. Because of you, a child will have a chance at a better life.

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