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We feed and clothe the children and give them a safe and caring environment. We love them and give them a future and a hope through education and counseling to helping them to grow into productive members of their communities. Every child deserves a chance at a better life no matter where they come from in the world. No child should be left behind, every child needs a chance.

Some of the children that  we take in have been abandoned, tortured, and abused. We love them and teach them about faith and prayer through our Lord Jesus Christ and we watch the children start to be healed from all of the sorrow and pain they have been through. Really they just need people in their lives that care for them.

The children are the future of this nation, the continent of Africa, the children are the future leaders of the world. Help us to give as many of them a chance as we can, please help us every life matters. Life can be hard here in Africa but we know that as we raise these children with Faith, Hope, and Love that they will help to change the world here into a better place.

We have many dreams that we know that we can accomplish together, we want to be self sustaining, to have revenue generating projects, we want to build our own school for our children and the children in the surrounding village area. Also we would like to have a guest house for the visitors and volunteers to stay in. Please help us to bring all of these dreams into reality, for the future.


Our Zelle Address is (OQuinn Ministries)


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