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Help us build, Zion Christian Nursey & Primary School

There is more to be accomplished, Help us please.

You care about children, and you want to donate to children in need in a way that will have a lasting impact. When you decide to sponsor ZIon Christian Nursery & Primary School building projects, you're not just affecting the life of one child - you're affecting the lives of thousands over the years. At LACFA, we're in the process of building a school that will serve both the children within our organization and those in surrounding villages. Let's take a look at some of the reasons why it makes so much sense to give back through our sponsor Zion Christian Nursery & Primary School building projects.

When you sow into Zion School, your donation doesn't just benefit one child - it benefits every child that will come through the school for years to come. The children are the future of Uganda and the world, and every child needs an education to become a valuable, contributing member of society. We have prayer on a daily basis and Prayer Chapel every Monday. And we encourage the children to study their Bibles.

When you sow into Zion Christian Nursery and Primary School you are sowing into the future, to building projects that are needed, and also into quality teachers. 

We have a large vision for Zion Christian Nursey & Primary School, please help us bring our vision to reality. Through Jesus Christ we know that all things are possible, HE makes the impossible possible all of the time.

If you're thinking about how to help children in need, we invite you to learn more about sponsoring Zion Christian Nursery and Primary School. We'd love to provide you with the details of how your financial support can help.

Please contact us at either email address: or

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