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Fund A Project At Love And Care For All

We have several projects in the works right now. If you're ready to partially or fully fund a project, we would love to talk with you about the type of financial support that will help us continue to progress toward our goal of being a self-sustaining entity for the children that the LORD has brought us already and also the ones that HE will bring us in the future. One of our projects currently is to build another classroom/office block for the school. We have just finished a building that we are using for the Boarding Section. We are very lenient with the children that come from the surrounding area, in a third world country life is hard. Zion Christian Nursery and Primary School allows us to teach the children from our organization and from the surrounding area, it allows us to positively affect our community. We currently have about 118 children from LACFA going to Zion, and we have 137 children from Kigato Village and the surrounding area. We are in a very impoverished area any and all assistance with the cost of books, school fees, teachers' salaries will be greatly appreciated... It truly is an adventure - We walk by Faith, Not by Sight. 


We are also in need of another dormitory building at the LACFA facility on HalleluYAH Mountain. My wife, Fatuma started with one child from the streets, when I married her we had 76 children, we now have more than doubled that number. We have such good people that we work with on the ground, Brandson & Jennika Stoltzfus and their family are in the US for now we are praying for all that they are doing to be Blessed and waiting on their return. Sarah Stoltzfus, John and Stella EshMama Christine (now we have 3 Mama Christines), Mama Hawah, Baba Omar, Hawah also we have Uncle Moses working with us, and all of the teachers at Zion Christian Nursery and Primary School, our Lord is Faithful and True so very thankful to be allowed to partner in this big work helping all of these children to have an opportunity at an abundant life. To GOD be the Glory!

As our organization grows, so do our financial needs. When you decide to sponsor a project, you're helping children get the Love and Care that they need. The choice to fund a project is a large decision, and we understand that it's not something to take lightly. If you're considering working with us to sponsor a project, we'd love to talk with you and answer any questions that you may have.


Please prayerfully consider sowing into our projects, thank you so very much. Anything and everything is a Blessing to the Love And Care For All (Okwagala N'Okufaayo Family).

Your prayers of faith in Jesus Christ's mighty name are vital to everything that we are doing. 

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