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The LACFA Wall- HalleluYAH!!! The Wall is still a work in progress, If you are led to please sow into this project.

 This is an ongoing project we need it, but there are always needs that come up, we will finish it, in Jesus Christ's mighty name Amen!!! Praise the LORD!!! Thank you-Skyline Church for starting this big project it is an ongoing work. Skyline helped us initially with $500 to start and we are continuing the work. It is a big project. Thankful for all that sow into this project. A bag of cement is $10, a tipper of sand is about $43, and a tipper of hardcore is about $45. The wall is so very important it will improve our security and also help us to be more in compliance with the Ugandan Government. It is a big project. 

Where the ditch has been dug is where we need to build the wall. Blessings be upon everyone, thank you!!!
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