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Thinking About Giving To A Children Protection Organization? Here's What You Need To Know

Love And Care For All is a 501c3 non-profit corp. in the US and we are a Non Governmental Organization registered with the government of Uganda (Okwagala N'Okufaayo Family), all of your donations are tax deductible we are a verified non-profit with PayPal, we have a Federal EIN number. We ask that everyone prayerfully consider sowing into this work that is generational, we are not just helping the children that we are working with now but their children's children. As we help them to live lives with integrity and responsibility. This is a very big work and God has grown us so much from where we started, God is amazing. It is all His Glory. 

Please if anyone has any questions or concerns, please contact us at:; or

All donations are greatly appreciated, we pray for everyone that is a partner with us in this work, we are all a team. Thank you everyone! May God Bless us all!!!


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