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Our Farm and Garden & Area for Future Christ Centered Businesses- Pray with US!!!

The Lord just provided us with 15.3 acres to grow crops to provide for our food needs at "Love And Care For All" we currently have Seven acres of corn planted we are praying for a bountiful harvest. We will harvest it at the end of July good Lord willing. 


We are also planning for some businesses in the future, we truly Walk by Faith not by Sight. So all of these things happen in GOD's timing. The Lord has brought us far in the last 10 years and we know that HE is going to bring us further than we can imagine as we care for His children. 


Our prayers are for a maize mill, a metal shop, a garage, and a carpentry shop on our own none of these things are possible for us but with GOD the Father through Jesus Christ His Son we also know that all things are possible. HE makes the impossible possible. We also can't do it without all of the people that partner with us in this big work. We are so very thankful for all of you that stand with us in prayer and financially. Big HalleluYAH!!! Everything is done with a focus of fully supporting LACFA's Children now and in the future - It is all a work in progress- To GOD be the Glory.

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