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Love And Care For All-A Future And A Hope!!!

Love And Care For All-LACFA-Is a safe place for children off of the streets of Uganda, to learn about the Lord and also have people in their lives that love and truly care for them. We get them from the streets, the police, and child protective services. And help them to grow into the men and women that the Lord intends them to be.



Sponsor A Child

Sponsor a child and help us to help them to become everything that they were intended to become, help us to give them a Future and a Hope! And we pray that in the future you will be able to come and visit the child that you Sponsor.

Sponsor A Child

Please Bless our building projects. We are working on another classroom/office building at Zion Christian Nursery and Primary School. And we need another Dorm building at LACFA, and we are working on our wall around LACFA. 

Sponsor A Child

Or contact us about coming to minister to our children at  Love And Care For All (Okwagala N'Okufaayo Family) we can help you with planning your trip. Come alone or come with a Team. Let us know what you want to do. 

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