The first picture is of the land where we are doing the brick project, it was where we had some of our gardens. Then we built the kiln to fire the bricks, that takes 24 hours. Mama Fatuma is standing next to a built kiln just to give you an idea of how big they are, the last photo is of a kiln as it cools. We have already produced about 60,000 bricks.

Good Lord willing we will be building two more buildings on the land after we finish making bricks there. The three most costly elements of building here are bricks, cement, and the roofing sheets. Our Lord Jesus Christ is Faithful and True! And we are so very thankful for everyone that partners with us in this work. We pray that through this ministry generations of children will be given a chance to know our Lord and Savior and be assets to their communities and the world! Big HalleluYAH!!!