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Faith Like Zion

Two years ago Jesus started giving us vision for a school. The name of it would be Zion Primary school. We got to work and started having people design and approve blue prints for a primary school. We know when God gives vision he will give the provision so we just began.








The children’s home (Love and Care for All) is built on a piece of land that’s about 2.5 acres on the tippy top of a Mountain; this is what we had, so this is what we were going to work with. However, God had a much better plan!


There is a school at the bottom of the mountain that we pass going to Love and Care. We never knew much about the school and there were never many children there. Over the last few months since schools have been shut down, the school has been vacant, so it caught Darren and Fatuma’s eye when they drove past and saw people there cutting down the trees.

They decided to pull in and see what was going on, and quickly learned that the owner of the land was going to cut down all the trees and divide the land into small plots to sell.

This happens a lot in Uganda where a large piece of land is divided into many small plots and each is sold individually. People can more easily afford a small plot and then they build a house as big as their plot and soon it becomes crowded and disorganized.

Hearing that this is what was going to happen to this beautiful piece of land, Darren and Fatuma immediately took action and told them that they are the ones who are going to buy the land and that they want all the trees to remain there. Without much questioning the tree cutting was stopped. And that is the beginning (we are still in the beginning) of purchasing the land for Zion Primary School!

From the first meeting with the current land owner until now, we have paid the down payment and we have had so much favor in the process! One week before we had to finish the down payment of 50,000,000 shillings (about $13,400) we still needed 40,000,000 shillings ($12,700)! It looked impossible and we had no idea where the money was going to come from but we know God honors a step of faith! The night before we had to pay the money we got the last of the 40,000,000! Praise God, He is always faithful and will never let us down!

For we walk by faith, not by sight. 2 Corinthians 5:7

The Vision

- To establish a international standard primary school, that will teach Christian based education and values.

-To create jobs for locals and teachers

-To provide good education at a discounted price for the children in our village

-To generate an income to help sustain the Love and Care for All children’s home.

In addition to the Primary school, we also intend to use the land for a vocational/tech school to teach and equip young men and women with skills and knowledge to be successful employees, business owners, and leaders in their communities.

- To facilitate a mechanic shop, welding shop, carpentry shop, electrician course, plumbing course, hair and barber shop, and a tailor/craft making shop, these will be used to generate income while teaching the skills and traits of a sustainable business.

- To facilitate a Football Academy to provide opportunities for young athletes to learn skills that can get them scholarships as well as professional opportunities.

- To facilitate various agriculture projects, such as passion fruit, beans, animals, etc.

The Land

The land is located in Kigato village about 4 miles outside of Masaka city, and about a quarter mile off of a brand new highway. It is an ideal location for a primary school and vocational school. It is about 1 mile away from the existing children’s home.

- 5.5 acers containing 3 buildings, that will need some upgrades and work

- a football field, also needing some work

- a well and pump

- electricity is very near and should be free to connect

Invest in the Kingdom

The down payment had been made, Thank you Jesus! The remaining balance is 160,000,000 shillings ($42,850) that will need to be paid by January, 2021.

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