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We are praying for everyone from Uganda and praying for everyone that is affected by this corona virus to have Shalom, we know that this is a situation that will be passing, good Lord willing. We are lifting up all of those who have lost loved ones.

We are all in a terrible situation wherever we are, we are in lockdown in Uganda also.

The new home that the government asked us to set up for the children still on the streets of Masaka during the quarintine is up and running well. We have 17 children at the new site, we have to keep the new children seperate from HalleluYAH Mountain because of the quarantine. We have the Ministry of Health helping to check on their physical condition and do the blood work.

It is really amazing how this came about, we have been reaching out to the children on the streets, most of them prefer to be out there on their own. They think that they are grown ups, but it is very hard life. We want them to see that there is a better way and give them a chance. Someone in the government asked us if we could help and we said yes, that was just one person in the government... Then we had to approach other people in the police/military to get approval because of the lockdown- usually to do something like this and get approval it can take months if not years. In three days we were getting children off of the streets to quarantine, when God says yes no one can say no, HalleluYAH!!!

We are so very thankful for everyone that has stood and is standing with us in this part of our journey. It is always an adventure. Please pray with us that these new children who continue to come in would want to stay with us, every child needs a chance at a better life. With Jesus we can all have an abundant life filled with the fruit of the Spirit.

We just want to thank everyone, and send our Love and Prayers

From all of us here!

Darren and Fatuma

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